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The Student RCSA Program and Research Assistantships

This grant program at UCO is open to students majoring in any discipline or field. This program offers monetary awards on a competitive basis to support student-focused transformative learning. Students who are selected will receive an award of up to $500/year to support research, creative, or scholarly activities.

Students may also apply for a Research Assistantship. This stipend will pay for research related work for 5 hrs/wk @ $9.75/hr (Undergraduate) and $11.375/hr (Graduate) for 16 weeks for one (Fall) or both (Fall & Spring) semesters. Pending availability of funds, a tuition waiver might also be awarded each semester, amount to be determined at a later date. Assistants are only allowed to work a maximum of 20 hours per week in assistantship positions (RA or TA).

Awards may be granted for the full amount requested or for a lesser amount, depending upon availability of funds and the appropriateness of the amount requested. Awards may be used to support travel to a library, museum, or field site to collect data, to purchase laboratory or project expendables, equipment, or support travel to a local, regional, or national professional conference to present the findings of the funded project. Students must maintain good academic standing with UCO throughout the duration of the RA award.

Description of Research Assistant (RA):

A research assistant is a student who is actively engaged in an inquiry or investigation and who, through effective collaboration with a faculty mentor, has the potential to make an original, intellectual, or creative contribution to their discipline.  The desired outcome for the student should include transformative learning and dissemination (e.g., presentations, publications, exhibitions, performances, etc.) of their findings.

Students are eligible to receive funding, under the following conditions:

RA Student Report Data

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