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Faculty External Grants     

In an era of ever stricter and more limited budgetary times in higher education, external grants play an increasingly important role in bringing in new sources of funds to supplement UCO's educational mission, to attract, retain and develop faculty, improve faculty relations, purchase equipment and fund valuable research, creative and scholarly activities.

If you are submitting a grant proposal, please fill out the Proposal Routing Worksheet and the External Grant Proposal Routing Form (see links below)

UCO's Indirect Cost breakdown

 External Grant Report Data        

 Recent Recipients

U.S. Department of Education Grants at UCO

Upward Bound

A college-preparation program designed to encourage students to develop the academic skills and motivation necessary for success in post-secondary education.

Student Support Services

Here to provide services and support to make your college experience a success!

McNair Scholars Program

Preparing undergraduate students for successful careers as graduate students, professors, and professional researchers.

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