SSCI - Self-Study for Continuous Improvement

This page contains links to reports provided by the Office of Institutional Research for the Self-Study for Continuous Improvement, also known as program review.  Just click on the diamond or the year for the report that you need.  The reports will be added as they are completed, so check back often. 

The SSCI reporting process is also the start of the Factbook reporting process.  Many of the reports below eventually end up in the Factbook, and will, therefore, show up in both places.  The reports will show up on the SSCI page first.

For the SSCI guidelines, click here.

Many of these reports are dependent upon faculty data which is based on payroll type information.  Due to the fiscal cycle, the data will be pulled after November payroll cycle.  Reports are posted as soon as they are completed.

AY 1314 

AY 1213

AY 1112

AY 1011

AY 0910

AY 0809




 Full-Time Faculty by Rank & Ethnicity

 Part-Time Faculty by Ethnicity

 Full-Time Faculty by Rank & Gender

 Part-Time Faculty by Gender

 Fall Faculty by Department/School




 Student Majors

 Student Minors

 Annualized Degrees Granted by Major

Credit Hours/Sections:



 Credit Hours by Department/School

 Faculty Qualifications by Credit Hour

 Percentage of Sections Taught by FT/PT Faculty

 Percentage of Student Credit Hours Taught by  FT/PT  Faculty

 Class Size:



 Annualized Average Class Size by Course

 Fall Average Class Summary by Department




 Faculty Salary & Benefits to Annual Student FTE

 Program Information:



 Degrees Conferred at All Public & Private Institutions --- ---


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