UCO Office of Institutional Research Enrollment Reports

Enrollment Reports

We have recently changed the way our enrollment reports are accessed; this page provides you with the resources necessary to view and retrieve reports for the current semester. To view and create enrollment reports for this semester you MUST have access to the ProClarity report generating progam. If you do not have access to ProClarity please contact Institutional Research at (405) 974-3342 for further information.

When you sign in to ProClarity you will use your standard desktop sign in username and password; however, you MUST type in "uco/" (without quotation marks) before your username. Also, be sure you are using Internet Explorer and that you are using IE in compatibility mode.

Here is the link to sign in to ProClarity:

ProClarity Sign in

For convenience we have created and posted an elementary guide to accessing and using ProClarity. To view this guide please visit the link below.

Introduction to ProClarity

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