Academic Leadership Fellows


Successful organizations plan not only their futures but also for the succession of leadership.  Due to the nature of higher education there is a high turnover rate and therefore a need to identify and develop talented faculty as part of the next generation of academic leaders.

Selection Criteria and Process:

1.      Be recommended by the Dean and Department Chair/School Director.

2.      Be a tenured faculty member at UCO.

3.      Fill out application form and submit to Department Chair/School Director by Wednesday, August 27th.

4.      Dean will submit recommendation (s) to Provost by August 29.

5.      Provost will select 4-6 Academic Leadership Fellows for Class VII. The deans will be notified of selections by September 3rd. 

Fall Semester Activities:

1.      Monthly seminars with assigned readings, informal discussions and interactions with leaders.

2.      Job shadowing (faculty select 2 leaders to shadow for a half-day each).

3.      Participation in campus events.

4.      Internship/Project proposals and office with which the faculty want to work (two choices).

Spring Semester Activities:       

1.      Internship/Project Assignment (receive three hours of reassigned time for 8-10 hours of work per week on internship or project).

2.      Internship/Project Proposal and Consultation (approved by internship/project mentor).

3.      Monthly breakfasts to update Provost and other Fellows.

4.      Final seminar presentations of projects or internship experiences for President, Provost, VPs, Deans and others.

Application Form

AA Leadership Fellows Packet (Program Overview, Application, Events and Assignments)