Continuous Quality Improvement - Facilitator Tools

Facilitator Tools 

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Action Agenda and Minutes - Dr. Ed Cunliff

Action Teams - Brainstorming Exercise - Dr. Chuck Hughes

Affinity and Interrelationship Diagraphs

Affinity Grouping - Dr. Ed Cunliff

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Benchmarking - Dr. Ed Cunliff

Brainstorming - Dr. Ed Cunliff and Ms Cathi Dunkle

Brainwriting - Dr. Chuck Hughes:

Boeing Flow Process - Jim Beasley

Boeing Quality - Jim Beasley

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Creating a University Level Syllabus - Dr. Gayle A. Kearns

Creative Problem Solving - L. Davis

Creativity in Leadership - Dr. Gerard Puccio

Creativity Workshop Spring 2008

Critical Process Improvement - Dr. Erinn D. Lake

Creative Problem Solving - Cynthia Rolfe

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Dashboards as a Data Management Tool - Dr. David Oehler

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Flowcharting process as a quality tool  

Focus Groups

Force Field Analysis - Kurt Lewin

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Gantt Charts

Group Decision Making Options Chart

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History of Focus Groups

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Interrelationship Diagram

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Materials from John Dew Workshop

Matrix Diagram  

Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping - Chelli Gentry

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Pareto Flow Chart Diagram and Reference Information

PDCA-Dr. Walter Shewhart

Points of An Effective Syllabus - Dr. Gayle A Kearns

Plus/Delta Evaluation Worksheet

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Root Cause Analysis: Chuck Hughes

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Six Main Decision - Making Options: Lon Dehnert

SSM Healthcare:  Our Quality Journey

SSM Healthcare:  A Baldrige Perspective on Leadership

SSM Healthcare:  A Baldrige Perspective on Strategic Planning

SSM Healthcare:  A Baldrige Perspective on Stakeholder Focus

SSM Healthcare:  A Baldrige Perspective on Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management

SSM Healthcare:  A Baldrige Perspective on Staff Focus

SSM Healthcare:  A Baldrige Perspective on Process Management

Strategic Planning - Dr Erinn D. Lake

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The New Rational Managers: Charles Kepner and Ben Tregoe

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