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Next Up: Dr. Jeanetta Sims (Thursday, April 17, 2014)

Dr. Jeanetta SimsDr. Jeanetta Sims

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At its heart, Collaborative Teaching exploits the negotiated desires of both the teacher and the student. It transforms educational spaces to become more like a conversation and less like a tug of war. Rather than rushing through disciplinary content with a predetermined syllabus, you'll learn a process that enables you to listen, gives you permission to fail, and allows each class to become co-created space.

Award winning teacher and researcher, Dr. Jeanetta Sims presents an approach where course objectives are reached through student-driven processes. Her session will be a lively conversation full of examples and ideas easily adapted to any course. Sims teaches business communication and marketing communications courses in the marketing department of the College of Business.

Dr. Caleb LackDr. Caleb Lack, PhD
UCO Assistant Professor, Psychology

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Today's students have on-demand access to the world's store of information in their pockets at virtually any time and any place, thanks to smart web-enabled devices. In this type of environment, do typical final papers and assignments still hold up as transformative experiences? And should transformative learning only focus on the students in our classrooms, or do we need to take TL to the world at large?

In this talk, Dr. Caleb Lack, who teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in clinical psychology and critical thinking, will detail the processes and results from a several year process of moving from traditional assignments to transformative assignments that harness the power of new media to bring change not just to our students' lives, but to the online world.