Spring 2013 Mentor/Mentee Lunch

Cherokee Room, Nigh University Center

March 26, 2012

Linda Rider and Christine Cobb  Linda Rider and Christine Cobb

Mentor Linda Rider (left) and her Mentee Christine Cobb (right)


Jacilyn Olson and Angie Willis  Jacilyn Olson and Angie Willis

Mentee Jacilyn Olson (left) and her Mentor Angie Willis (right)


Kato Buss and David Bass  Kato Buss and David Bass

Mentee Kato Buss (left) and his Mentor David Bass (right)


Mark Janzen and Wei Chen  Mark Janzen and Wei Chen

Mentee Mark Janzen (left) and his Mentor Wei Chen (right)


Jeff King and Cheryl Frech

CETTL Executive Director Jeff King (left) and Mentoring Coordinator Cheryl Frech (right)


Teresa Pac and April Haulman

Mentee Teresa Pac (left; Mentor not present) and Mentor April Haulman (right; Mentee not present)


Pamela Rollins and Leann LaubachPamela Rollins and Leann Laubach

Mentee Pamela Rollins (left) and Nursing Colleague Leann Laubach (right)

John Hitz and Mark Janzen

Mentee John Hitz (left) and Mentee Mark Janzen (right)


Linda Smith and Jacilyn Olson

Retired CETTL Ass't Director Linda Smith (left) and Mentee Jacilyn Olson (right)