Transformative Teacher-Scholar

Transformative Teacher-Scholar is a monthly academic e-periodical distributed via email to UCO faculty, both full- and part-time, as well as to teaching assistants and UCO Staff. The publication always includes a graphic (the "Hot Topics Snapshot") which summarizes information of interest to university teacher-scholars followed by articles about transformative education, college teaching, academic readings of interest, eLearning, and education leadership. In its brief articles, Transformative Teacher-Scholar aims to provide information relevant to college and university teacher-scholars who seek not only to help students achieve learning outcomes but to do so in a way that seeds opportunities which move students beyond mere consumptive learning toward more transformative educational experiences.

Here you will find links to PDFs of each month's issue of Transformative Teacher-Scholar (TT-S). To search all issues by keyword, type the word or phrase into the search box below and hit “Enter” to bring up a Google search results listing of archived issues of TT-S. When you click on one of the Google search entries to access the monthly issue of TT-S, simply use the PDF search function (Ctrl-F) to find the first place in the issue where your search term appears.


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