CETTL’s New Faculty Mentoring Programcheryl frech

CETTL Mentoring

Since 2012, CETTL has sponsored a cross-campus mentoring program for all new faculty. The goals of the CETTL mentoring program are to:

  • foster one-on-one cross-campus interactions to introduce new faculty to the culture of the University of Central Oklahoma;
  • encourage new faculty to discuss transformative learning and teaching experiences with a mentor; and 
  • support new faculty in their faculty development at any level.

The CETTL mentoring program is not intended to supplant any departmental or college mentoring programs, but rather to enhance the new faculty member's introduction to the culture of the University of Central Oklahoma and its transformative learning focus.

Because the program matches mentees with out-of-college mentors, this initiative also helps build cross-campus collegiality, immediately widening new faculty connections with other UCO teacher-scholars.

Several events are planned for the mentors and mentees in 2014-15. All new faculty participated in the New Faculty Orientation held in August. Lunches for the mentors and mentees are scheduled for Tuesday, September 16; Monday, November 10; Tuesday, February 10; and Monday, April 6.

Mentors are selected from the full-time faculty, including deans and chairs. Some new faculty mentor-mentee pairs from 2013-14 have agreed to serve as mentoring triads in 2014-15. If you would like to serve as a CETTL mentor in the future, please contact Cheryl B. Frech,cfrech@uco.edu, who serves as Mentoring Coordinator. 

Pictures from the 2012-2013 Mentoring Program

Pictures from the 2013-2014 Mentoring Program