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training room with students and faculty

Lunch & Learns: Opportunities for faculty to meet with colleagues, have lunch, and learn about a useful instructional strategy, some interesting research, topics related to Transformative Learning, and/or other things focused on teaching and learning in college. Lunch & Learns are both informal and informative, and afford the opportunity to interact with your peers from around campus.

Symposiums and Workshops: CETTL delights in accepting requests from Departments, Deans, Chairs, and faculty for workshops intended for specific target audiences (Departments, areas of interest, fields of study, etc.) and/or specific topics of interest to groups of faculty or the faculty at large. Help us provide the information and support you would like to receive in service to your continuing development as teacher-scholars! 

CETTL Collegium on College Teaching Practice: This one-day event held each academic year in August brings regionally and nationally known presenters to campus to offer current research and insights about learning and teaching to the entire faculty. Concurrent sessions after an inspiring keynote address provide additional good-practice ideas for UCO teacher-scholars. Watch for upcoming information!

Teaching and Learning Institute: This rich three-day experience was recently re-booted to focus on UCO’s Transformative Learning approach to engaging with students. The Institute provides support for how to create high-impact practices and how to utilize proven approaches and techniques that maximize student engagement, collaboration, and experiential learning opportunities. Faculty learning at the Institute informs practice as new instructors begin their UCO teaching careers.

New Faculty Orientation: This annual event in August, is designed to introduce faculty new to UCO to offices, individuals, places, and procedures that will facilitate their entrance into the UCO community of teacher-scholars and all aspects of our vibrant campus life.

New Faculty Mentoring Program Luncheons: CETTL helps new faculty make connections across campus with our cross-college mentoring program. While departments typically have a formal or informal mentoring system within the department, our mentoring program connects new faculty with mentors outside of their colleges. This expands new faculty connections, provides mentoring from a broad UCO faculty perspective, and, we have found, often launches professional friendships that endure long after new faculty’s first year at UCO.