Higher Ed Department Chair Academy

Redefining Leadership

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Higher Ed Department Chair Academy

Higher Ed Department Chair Academy

Tuition: $595 (includes meals, lodging, and study materials)

Registration for May 2015 will begin in January

Meeting - University of Central Oklahoma; Lodging accommodations: Fairfield Inn & Suites, 301 Meline Dr., Edmond, OK 73034

Conference Feature:

R. Kent Crookston
author of Working with Problem Faculty: A Six-Step Guide for Department Chairs will facilitate the session Thursday afternoon, May 22nd.

Department chairs name “difficult people” or “problem faculty” as the most pressing issue they face. Coming into the position from a faculty role, as most do, department chairs have little or no training in dealing with their colleagues when they exhibit aggressive behavior, bullying, lack of collegiality, or other varieties of challenging behavior. Yet the chair’s ability to handle people and situations appropriately is key not just to his or her success in the role but also to the department’s and its members’ ability to function productively. Kent Crookston provides a practical, focused, on-the-ground approach to help chairs learn to deal with challenging colleagues. Based on the literature in the field as well as on his own research and experience, he outlines six steps for successfully dealing with any kind of a challenging colleague.

The responsibilities associated with being the department chair at an institution of higher education require skills that are not necessarily those that scholars and teachers naturally possess. The Higher Ed Department Chair Academy is designed to offer education professionals the rare opportunity to netwwork and share best practices while experienceing a leadership curriculum designed specifically for their needs.

Conference Objectives:

  • Learn strategies for bridging the divide between faculty and administration.

  • Analyze effective hiring and scheduling methodologies and apply them to their role as a department chair/school director.

  • Correlate the relationship between effective planning and effective budgeting.

  • Analyze their use of time, apply strategies that improve time management abilities, and appreciate the impact this has on reducing their own stress levels/increasing their effectiveness.

  • Discuss techniques of conducting and writing an effective performance evaluation.

  • Outline proven techniques for handling difficult conversations; writing effective reports, emails and memos; and communicating clearly with others.

  • Analyze their department's/school's techniques for leading within that culture

  • Describe the relationship of and develop the skills necessary to, coach and mentor faculty to meet departmental goals.

Sessions conducted by higher education leaders:

  • R. Kent Crookston, Author of Working With Problem Faculty: A Six Step Guide for Department Chairs, Director, Academic Administrative Support Program, BYU

  • Mark Hamlin, Professor and Chair of the Department of Psychology, UCO

  • Chuck Hughes,  Associate Vice President, Academic Effectiveness

  • Jim Machell, Dean, College of Education and Professional Studies, UCO

  • Rukmini Ravikumar, Professor of Design, the Chair of the Department of Design, UCO

  • KJ Tullis, Assoc. Dean, College of Business, UCO

  • Cia Verschelden, Executive Director, Institutional Assessment, UCO

This exciting opportunity is designed for higher education department chairs. Applications are accepted from new and current department chairs, school directors, deans, and associate and assistant deans.