CETTL Hardcopy Library

The CETTL Library is a targeted collection of books about teaching, faculty professional development, and many other topics related to being a teacher-scholar within the academy. Please stop by and browse, check out a book or two, or simply
cettl hardcopy libraryperuse library holdings as you lounge in the comfortable seating right across from our shelves here on the second floor of the CTL Building.

Library holdings are also accessible online, which means you can search within our library collection via web access through our web site to find titles and see if they’re checked in or out. We use Collectorz software as our online catalog and database — below are some tips for the best ways to search given how we’ve set things up.

1. Links to the hardcopy resources in a particular subcategory are available on the resource page to the online catalog that corresponds to that topic.  This is the easiest and most direct way to see what resources are available. For example, if you’ve landed on the page showing our resources about flipped classrooms, you’ll see the link to click which will take you to our Library catalog holdings about flipped classrooms.

2. The search bar in Collectorz can also be used to find a particular title or look up books by a particular author. No other search parameters work in the search bar.

3. Using the button interface at the top right of the displayed catalog page also allows one to sort the catalog. This is the preferred method if you are looking up resources on a particular topic without an author or title in mind, but only if you are searching within our Library holdings. If you want to see all our resources on a particular topic (including those convenient links directly to web resources), it is best to start from our web site’s Resources page, navigate to the topic you’re interested in, and progress from there to the corresponding hardcopy catalog page.

By following the links to any of the sites listed within this page, you will exit the OFFICIAL UCO WEBSITE and be directed to the respective resource which is not a part of the www.uco.edu domain.

Link to Collectorz CETTL Hardcopy Catalog