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Center for Excellence in Transformative Teaching & Learning (CETTL)

CETTL, in collaboration with other campus units and individuals, offers programs, services, and resources to encourage, enhance, and support the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). It also provides support and confidential consultations for individual faculty members, and consistently promotes deep, transformative learning experiences for all students at the University of Central Oklahoma.

CETTL partners with the Technology Resource Center to enhance the teaching and learning experience through the integration of information technology and instruction.

Developed by faculty and administrators to support teaching and learning at the University of Central Oklahoma, CETTL was formally established in 1998. Its Executive Director reports to the Provost and chairs the Center's Board of Advisors, which is composed of individuals from all colleges, the library, and administration.

CETTL provides a variety of Lunch & Learn workshops, webinars, forums and discussion groups. To learn about current offerings please click here. If you have any questions, please contact Cristi Moore at (405) 974-5570 or by email to cmoore60@uco.edu. We look forward to your participation in all CETTL events.

Goals of the Center for Excellence in Transformative Teaching & Learning

  • To provide collaborative and mentorship opportunities for faculty to discuss student learning
  • To support faculty in their efforts to enhance learning in and out of the classroom
  • To bring research about facilitating learning to the attention of the university community
  • To advocate and recognize teaching excellence
  • To act as a resource for faculty as they plan, implement, enhance, and assess student learning
  • To promote the teacher-scholar model of faculty excellence within UCO’s ethos of providing transformative learning opportunities for our students

CETTL Mission:

CETTL supports faculty as they help our students learn.

Outcomes: We provide professional and leadership development for teacher-scholars as they create environments and experiences that prompt and nurture transformative learning for students as well as for themselves. By helping faculty engage in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, CETTL acts as a resource to assist faculty as they facilitate their students' achievement of learning outcomes, assess that achievement, and use the resulting information to continuously improve teaching and learning at UCO.

CETTL Vision:

CETTL will become a nationally recognized leader and resource for faculty professional development which enables teacher-scholars to create transformative learning environments and experiences for their students.

CETTL Confidentiality Statement:

Faculty voluntarily engage our services in order to enhance and enrich their work as teacher-scholars within UCO’s Transformative Learning environment. Mindful of that trust, CETTL maintains the confidentiality of the individual faculty or groups of faculty with whom we work.