Program Outcomes

Program outcomes assessment focuses on the major field curriculum. Assessment of the major field is the responsibility of faculty in each academic department. It is recommended that departments implement two or three assessment activities to validate assessment results for decision-making. Some examples of program outcomes assessment practices are standardized testing, portfolio reviews, performance reviews, analyses of student records, external evaluations, surveys, and test imbedded questions. Assessment activities should be designed to collect useful data for program improvement and to help students learn. Annual assessment reports on outcomes assessment are submitted to the Office of Assessment for inclusion in the UCO Annual Assessment Report prepared for the OSRHE.

Annual Assessment Report Forms

An online tool is used to collect annual assessment reports.  Please contact your assessment coordinator or our office for your login information.

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The 2012 Assessment Workshop

The workshop took place on April 6, 2012.  Below are the documents and presentations.

State of Assessment (.ppt)
Evaluating Key University Objectives (.ppt)
Scoring Rubric for Program Objectives (pdf)
Reporting for Key University Objectives (pdf)
Sample Annual Program Assessment (.xls)
Rubrics for Sample Annual Program Assessment (.pdf)
Toolkits for Specialized Accreditation (.ppt) 
Survey Design (.ppt)