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General Education Assessment

General education assessment focuses on course embedded methods in core curriculum courses. The ETS Proficiency Profile is another measure of program effectiveness which is given annually in faculty selected 3000 level courses. Student assessment includes pre-/post-testing, primary trait analysis (criterion-based checklist), standardized testing with normed data, portfolio review, and oral presentations. Although the faculty teaching core curriculum courses have a higher level of responsibility for general education assessment, all faculty are expected to be involved with general education assessment. The core curriculum is typically viewed as foundation knowledge for the major field. The effectiveness of the general education curriculum impacts the major field. 

The results of the ETS Proficiency Profile are reviewed by the Core Curriculum Committee. The committee makes recommendations for change to the Academic Affairs Curriculum Committee. The results of the test are compiled annually and can be viewed using the links below.  To see our current toolkit for assessing the core curriculum, click here.

ETS Testing is completed for the year.  

Students who have not yet received their scores should contact the Office of Assessment.