Welcome to the UCO's Office of Institutional Assessment. We are here to support student learning and student success by providing professional services related to assessment of student learning, survey of student self-assessment and satisfaction, and many other strategies to collect and use data for continuous improvement. Please let us know how we can help you.


The Office of Institutional Assessment is located northeast of the Nigh University Center and directly east of Broncho Lake in Thatcher Hall, Room 106. 

Contact Information:

Cia Verschelden Carlie Wellington Heather Rabalais Sarah Combs
Executive Director

Assistant Director
Transformative Learning Assessment

Research Analyst II Research Analyst II
(405) 974-2539 (405) 974-2720 (405) 974-2533 (405) 974-2521
cverschelden@uco.edu cwellington@uco.edu hrabalais@uco.edu scombs3@uco.edu