Mission Statement 

To help students learn by instituting program-focused assessment in all areas of university life. The collection and analysis of information on student satisfaction and performance enables decision-makers to systematically implement changes which ensure student success.


To provide up to date training, technology, and support to faculty and staff in an effort to improve all levels of assessment activities across campus.  


The Office of Institutional Assessment is located northeast of the Nigh University Center and directly east of Broncho Lake in Thatcher Hall, Room 106. 

Contact Information:

Cia Verschelden Heather Rabalais Sarah Combs
Executive Director Research Analyst Research Analyst
(405) 974-2539 (405) 974-2533 (405) 974-2521
cverschelden@uco.edu hrabalais@uco.edu scombs3@uco.edu


...institutional assessment efforts should not be concerned about valuing what can be measured but, instead, about measuring that which is valued.

-- Banta and Lund, Assessment in Practice: Putting Principles to Work on College Campuses