ADP 2007 Accomplishments

Constitution Day

September 17, 2007

Richard Burke, Assistant Managing Editor of the New York Times visited campus to present three presentations hosted by American Democracy Project. His first session was for Lessons in Leadership. He discussed the leadership skills and his journey into leadership for the New York Times. The second session was a more personal discussion with a comfortable setting; this was more of a question answering time for Richard Burke. The third discussion was a voluntarily participation for all students, he discussed how the New York Times selects a front-page story.

Make a Difference Week

October 23-25, 2007

This week had many events that all promoted Civic Engagement on campus. The main event of this week was to promote the interest in presidential campaign. The Leadership and Civic Engagement class with Volunteer and Service Learning Center designed a straw poll that was put on the American Democracy Project web site. On this web site there was also an informative grid on the presidential candidates and their stances on major issues designed by John Bourke, from the Leadership and Civic Engagement Class. The promotion of this web site and straw poll were presented on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday with laptops around campus opened and ready for students/faculty/staff to take the straw poll, register to vote, and take a personal copy of the grid home for them to read over. The results of this straw poll were formally announced in the UCO school newspaper, the Vista, and on the ADP web site the week following.

Coffee with the Times

October 24, 2007

This was a sub-program of Make a Difference Week. This event was designed to help the campus take full advantage of the free New York Times that are delivered daily to our campus. The event was had three professionals from our campus Patti Loughlin the ADP director, Mark Hannebutt a journalism professor, and Rashi Shukla a criminal justice professor. They each presented a review on how to read the New York Times, how to understand the general themes, and to see the issue relevant. There were free coffee and cookies for the participants to have and copies of the New York Times available.

Immigration Panel

November 15, 2007

This was following the play, Conviction, UCO's theatre department put on. The play put the idea of immigration and boarder control on a different perspective making the audience have questions and comments. The panel had Diana Pedro, Elaine Bartgis, and Glenn Freeman three well-educated professionals who understood immigration and the issues that arise.

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